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Techniques And Practices To

Balance Your Being

About Me

Selianthe Ka is a yogini whose work focuses on balancing the material and spiritual planes. Born highly sensitive and an empath, Selianthe is a natural healer and intuitive who senses the energetic fields of people and places. Since 2013 she’s made a study out of various forms of yoga as well as qigong – practices that teach techniques to nurture and relax the nervous system, cultivate your energy, expand awareness, quiet the mind and strengthen the subtle body. Next to giving healing sessions, she's extremely fond of coaching highly sensitive people. 


Specializing in Meditative Yoga

& High Sensitivity

Practices for centering and reconnecting to a calm, natural self. Meditation, relaxation and mindfulness for companies, festivals, individual sessions and groups. 

Sweet Energy Yoga with Selianthe Ka
Modern Employee Wellness

Meditation and mindfulness are everywhere nowadays. Backed by a growing body of scientific research the technique is increasing momentum as the go-to solution for instant relaxation and regeneration. A true performance booster. So what is this meditation magic? In what way does it contributes to our wellbeing – and how does it actually work?

Sweet Energy Yoga with Selianthe Ka
Book a Private Session

In a world of constant stimulation, much of our awareness ends up in our minds that tend to keep going and going. Let's take a moment to stand still and reconnect to our bodies, and through that our Higher Self. We choose to let go of the ego (control) and create an opening for ourselves to softly feel, deeply relax and nourish ourselves on a soul level. Take a moment to turn inwards.

Sweet Energy Yoga with Selianthe Ka
For HSPs & Empaths

What does HSP mean? HSP stands for 'Highly Sensitive Person'. Highly sensitive people are part of a minority in every society around the globe that is wired a little differently. Handling your High Sensitivity can at times be a bit of a challenge in a world where the trait is not always valued, cared for or understood.

"Our path is liberation, our goal is freedom."


"Selianthe has a magnificent way with people. Speaking the most pure, innocent parts of yourself you’d long hidden or forgotten about - she guides you on a journey to realising your true nature through her healing sessions"


—  Grace, Amsterdam

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