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My Approach

Energy Yoga is the yoga of consciousness and focuses on supporting the energetic – or subtle body. It is a set of practices that aim to help you awaken your energy system. Since all roots in energy – as both major religions as well as science agrees upon – it's very effective to work on this level. Our energetic body contains our life force, emotions, beliefs, hopes, fears, dreams and memories – even from past lives. It comprises a mixture of practices that allows deep relaxation and brings us back into our natural alignment, our natural state of being.

"Feeling good is the new looking good."


The benefit of working on the energetic level is that you directly work at the core of your being. You find yourself easily letting go of old emotions and blockages so you are free to melt into the embrace of the Universe.

The practice is a mixture of slow yoga, qigong exercises, guided meditations and breath work – exercises designed to work at the energetic level. Just as you clean your physical body, you can also clean and balance your energetic body. Energy yoga is perfect simply for deep relaxation & regeneration, or as a base practice for other yoga forms to built on top (vinyasa, hatha, hot yoga, etc).

This practice is not meant to facilitate the ego in another trip, where we feel we need to 'do' something to feel whole, to go through an asana as a circus trick. We do not distract ourselves from what’s really happening and what we’re feeling by rushing through the movements like you rush though your shopping list. It is a moment to stop and look within. We give the judge a rest, deeply reconnect to ourselves and embody peace.


"By balancing your energy field you balance your world."

Energy and the Soul move on the rhythm of the clouds. By practising meditative movement in a slow, sweet and deep way you remember what you already know: that life is peaceful, abundant, something to relax into, and deeply cherish and enjoy.

Language in the sessions is bi-lingual: German / English.




The benefits of energetic healing.

It will help you:

• deeply relax

• center yourself in peace

• connect you to your intuition

• restore flow in your life

• open up your body

• balance emotions & stress

• regenerate your chakras and auric field

• nourish your energy and release blockages

Results are:

• inner balance for a pleasant life

• clarity of mind & spirit

• pain and stiffness that leaves the body

• posture straightening

• renewed energy & good vibes

• feeling of being *you* again

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