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Sweet Energy Yoga | Selianthe Ka

About Me

"It is my mission to normalise connection with Spirit and support highly sensitive souls."


Selianthe Ka is a yogini who’s work focuses on balancing the material and spiritual planes. Her take on Yoga evolves around the original meaning of the word, which is 'union' with the spiritual or soul self.


Born highly sensitive and an empath, Selianthe is a natural healer and intuitive who senses the energetic fields of people and places. 


Since 2013 she’s made a profound study out of various forms of yoga as well as qigong – practices that teach techniques to nurture and relax the nervous system, cultivate your energy, expand awareness, quiet the mind and strengthen the subtle body.

Throughout several years she's studied with various teachers in meditation, spirituality, qigong, the healing arts and yoga, most profoundly the Dutch healer and teacher Gulschen Artun.


As a highly sensitive person and intuitive she has been dedicated to learning and developing restorative techniques and has mixed elements from pranic healing, meditation, kundalini yoga, chakra clearing and qigong into one flow called ‘Energy Yoga’.

Selianthe is originally from Amsterdam and currently glows and grows in Berlin. Familiar with fast paced work environments as well as the spiritual realms, she is a yogini that stays down to earth while keeping her vibe high.



“Every day I practice reconnection, healing meditation, yoga and chakra clearing to harmonise my energy field and keep my vibration high and uplifted. I focus on cultivating awareness, self-love, non-judgement, personal ascension & descension, off-planetary alignment, Crystal Consciousness, from the heavens to the earth, essentialism & transformation, from an out-of-control ego back to the core essence of Self.”



"I'm familiar with fast paced work environments and high profile companies, as well as the spiritual realms. As a yogini I stay down to earth while keeping my vibe high. Through my own experiences I've come to appreciate, understand and honour my own high sensitivity. Acknowledging my sensitivity I moved to a quiet home, changed my diet, let go of unbalanced friendships and learned what makes me stay grounded, nourished, balanced and happy. My goal is empowerment and self-acceptance of highly sensitive people around world."




"Since I was born I have a deep connection to the spiritual world and have perceived always more than meets the eye. There are many realms in our world and some people are gifted to walk between them. In my case I can see, hear, feel and know more beyond the usual perception. This is often misunderstood and not acknowledged in our Western world, although so many people go through super-natural and spiritual experiences they cannot place or unfortunately think 'it's all in their head'. 

Through trial and error I've found ways how to handle the spiritual realms and deal with eart-bound spirits, entities, angels, ascended masters and work with the guides of the Light. I offer this as support to people that find me for a session." 



The benefits of energetic healing.

It will help you:

• deeply relax

• center yourself in peace

• connect you to your intuition

• restore flow in your life

• open up your body

• balance emotions & stress

• regenerate your chakras and auric field

• nourish your energy and release blockages

Results are:

• inner balance for a high vibe life

• clarity of mind & spirit

• pain and stiffness that leaves the body

• posture straightening

• renewed energy & good vibes

• feeling of being *you* again

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