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Sweet Energy Yoga | Private Healing Session

Private Session

What to expect 

If you come for a private session (online or in person) you can receive healing to feel relaxed, nurtured and ready for life again. Old energies have the opportunity to be released, allowing you to move forward to new heights of wellbeing and personal power. The mind becomes clear and your intuition can flow better. As things shift you can find more quietude in heart and mind, forgive those who you perceive to have wronged you, and perhaps find yourself moving to a new place or change jobs. As your inner alignment changes so does your outer world. 


Perhaps you come for a consultancy or have some private topics you wish to explore and transmute in a safe space. Or you simply wish to check in and learn meditation techniques to adopt for yourself. Whatever the reason, I deeply listen to what you need and then do my best to give this to you. 

Private sessions are meant for those of us looking to clear away deep emotional or mental blockages that no longer serves us.




  • Deep emotional detoxification

  • Support with depression, anxiety & grief

  • Support with handling burn-out

  • Shadow work: integrating unconscious blocked parts of self 

  • Trauma release & integration

  • Releasing anger

  • Moving into forgiveness

  • Reducing emotional reactivity

  • Reconnecting to Inner Peace during stressful circumstances

Type of Sessions

Healing session: after listening to your input, questions and needs I will bring you in a deep state of stillness and quiet awareness through guided meditation. I will form an energetic healing space around you that will help you deeply relax. Some people fall asleep or go into a state known as 'Yoga Nidra'.

The meditative state I bring you in is closely connected to your 'soul' or 'higher self' and the higher dimensions of the spiritual realms. From this place it is easy to see everything clearly and let go of any suffering you wish to release. Everything happens in love and ease. You gain insights and a deep feeling of peace and the compassion from all that is. The amount of healing is up to you, I am only there to facilitate. I work with upmost discretion and non-judgement.

Consultation & coaching: during a coaching session you come to me with a clear topic you want to look into. Have a look at the topics listed above. We're focused on practical real-life problem solving. It's about giving functioning, supportive tools and helpful insights so we can tackle issues and track your progress. The goal is to transform problems and adjust thoughts, behaviours and habits.

Mediumship session: often during healings, both living and past-away loved ones come forward. For me it doesn't make a difference with which soul I speak, in a body or not. I can perceive the 'other side' and happily support people with coming into contact with their loved ones that are no longer with us. Sometimes a message still needs to be passed on, or there are unhealed emotions that can be released. Grief, guilt and other feelings can be processed so we can move on with our lives, knowing are loved ones are at peace and we are looking after us from beyond the veil. I can also 'read' messages from people that are still physically in your life to transform issues and blockages.



A private session is 100€ per hour. For a healing session people usually need 1,5 hours. We can work online, or if you're in Berlin in person. Sounds like a perfect present to self? Book your session now via the contact form below.

Benefits Energetic Healing

Everything is stored in your energetic field: emotions, your history, how much is blocked or how easily your life force flows. Your habits, your patterns, your fortes and your weaknesses. Even your physical health is linked to your energetic body. We are in constant resonance with the world and with this create our direct reality. Your vibe attracts your tribe, as they say. So when you change your energy, you change your life. Energy and the Soul move on the rhythm of the clouds. By working on the energetic level, you remember what you already know: that life is peaceful, abundant, something to relax into, and deeply cherish and enjoy.


Healing session: due to emotional detoxing you might feel tired and emotions might come up, or you feel very relaxed and happy. However, when blockages have been removed, you find your life suddenly running smoother. See if you notice a difference. For instance, suddenly certain behavioural and mental patterns are gone and it’s easier to stay away from destructive tendencies. Energetic blockages exist on the emotional and mental planes and can even have physical ties. 


"Selianthe has a magnificent way with people. Speaking the most pure, innocent parts of yourself you’d long hidden or forgotten about - she guides you on a journey to realising your true nature through her healing sessions"


—  Grace, Amsterdam

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