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Selianthe Ka


Berlin, Germany 

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Private Session

When you change your energy, you change your life ✨

We are in constant resonance with the world. Private sessions are meant for those of us looking to clear away deep emotional or mental blockages that no longer serves us.


If you come for a private session you can receive healing to feel relaxed, nurtured and ready for life again. Old energies have the opportunity to be released, allowing us to move forward to new heights of wellbeing and personal power. The mind becomes clear and your intuition can flow better. As things shift you can find more quietude in heart and mind, forgive those who you perceive to have wronged you, and perhaps find yourself moving to a new place or change jobs. As your inner alignment changes so does your outer world. 

Perhaps you come for a consultancy or have some private topics you wish to explore and transmute in a safe space. Or you simply wish to learn meditation techniques to adopt for yourself. Whatever the reason, I deeply listen to what you need and then do my best to give this to you. 

Regardless of the topic, I focus on holding a space of unconditional love, peace and forgiveness. This is the place of our Soul or Higher Self. The amount of healing is up to you, I am only there to facilitate. I work with upmost discretion and non-judgement. I don't care where you are, so don't worry about what you bring with. I only care about your potential, willingness to transform and for you to allow healing to happen. 

Energy and the Soul move on the rhythm of the clouds. By practising healing meditation you remember what you already know: that life is peaceful, abundant, something to relax into, and deeply cherish and enjoy.


Price & and available times are upon request. 

If you have money concerns, please do not let this stop you and simply write me, we can see how to work it out.

Sounds like a perfect present to self? Book your session via the contact form below. (Limited sessions available)