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What types of sessions do you give?

I offer healing, consultation, HSP coaching and intuitive mediumship sessions. I also offer healing circles with varying topics. Being connected to the higher realms, I can bring a cocoon of healing energy around you or a group to clear blocks, help you with life strategies you need as a highly sensitive person, and, since I perceive the spiritual dimensions, speak with your relatives on the other side as well as any spirit guides or deities that come forward. I can also 'read' timelines and the Akashic Records or give you tools to help you with your intuitive gifts. 

What can I expect in my private healing session appointment?

After listening to your input, questions and needs I will bring you in a deep state of stillness and quiet awareness through guided meditation. While you're comfortably laying down, I'll form an energetic healing space around you that will help you deeply relax. Some people fall asleep or go into a state known as 'Yoga Nidra'.

The meditative state I bring you in is closely connected to your 'soul' or 'higher self' and the higher dimensions of the spiritual realms. From this place it is easy to see everything clearly and let go of any suffering you wish to release. Everything happens in love and ease. I scan your body and your hologram to remove energetic / karmic / emotional blockages, so your life force flows freely again and your life moves forward. You gain insights and a deep feeling of peace and the compassion from all that is. The amount of healing is up to you and is initiated over your soul self, I am only there to facilitate. I work with upmost discretion and non-judgement. Since I can also perceive beyond the veil it often happens spirit guides and ancestors come forward, for which I can pass on messages. Since I choose not to hold on to the information I usually forget again what happened in a session. 

What kind of healing do you do?

I work in service of the Light on the emotional, spiritual / energetic level. If you want to label my form of healing you can call it 'light healing' or 'energetic healing'. I know how to direct energy and light over the mind, am linked to the higher dimensions and learned how to 'bring down the light'.


How does it work?

I support with clearing your energy, emotions and overall consciousness so you can become more aware, more yourself and free. The purity of your intention brings forward the healing. By clearing my own energetic field daily for more than a decade I learned and earned to click into the higher realms of consciousness and the higher dimensions to bring down the Light and understand forgotten healing modalities. Healing comes through me and happens around me and 'lower' or heavier energies and emotions are automatically transmuted.

​Together we'll work on the spiritual / energetic level, the deepest core of your being. By opening a high vibrational healing space we gently open up your energetic body so blockages can be released. The deepest blocks often root in ancestral lineage, karmic journeys or childhood experiences and can manifest in behavioural patterns, life challenges, limiting beliefs and eventually disease in the physical body. The level of healing you receive is individual as it's tailored to your needs in the moment if your session. 

Modern science has yet to understand the deeper mechanics at work, however new science such as quantum mechanics and ancient science such as yoga teachings from the Vedas (Rig Vedas), Reiki or QiGong come perhaps closer to understanding what happens. Often it remains a mystery.

What are the benefits of doing energetic healing?

Everything is stored in your energetic field: emotions, your history, how much is blocked or how easily your life force flows. Your habits, your patterns, your fortes and your weaknesses. Even your physical health is linked to your energetic body. We are in constant resonance with the world and with this create our direct reality. "Your vibe attracts your tribe", as they say. So when you change your energy, you change your life. As things shift, changes in your consciousness and emotional states happen, this ripples out into your life. As your inner alignment changes so does your outer world. Often people suddenly find it easy to reconnect with their purpose and passion, change jobs, quit toxic relationships or move countries. 

When you change your energy, you change your resonance with the world, you change your life. When blocks are lifted your life energy can flow again and you can move forward to live your life's purpose.

Energy and the Soul move on the rhythm of the clouds. By working on the energetic level, you remember what you already know: that life is peaceful, abundant, something to relax into, and deeply cherish and enjoy.

What kind of people come to you?

All kinds of people come: men, women, non-binary, lawyers, artists, art directors, physiotherapists – however most have the trait of being highly sensitive, intuitives and/or empaths. Everyone has to be ready for change. Often also other healers or yoga- and spiritual teachers come to me. 

For what topics do people usually come to you?

The array of topics is very broad. Often people come to feel recharged again and ready for life. They come to connect with their body, reprogram their mind or behaviours, with a wish to change jobs, let go of old emotions from a difficult phase in life, help with spiritual awakening, to cleanse away 'bad energy' or problems with romantic partners or family. They sometimes also come with a traumatic experience such as a troubled childhood, sexual trauma, birth trauma, death of a parent/partner or an invasive surgery. And lastly to open up their intuitive gifts or simply to reach beautiful, deep, high states of consciousness and bliss. Generally I gently put people in their personal power and direct them towards their soul purpose so they can find inner peace, happiness and love. 

Where did you study?

I'm self-taught and first developed my skills for my own journey. By receiving much healing myself over the course of 10+ years, by practicing energy clearing daily and by studying mysticism, spiritual techniques, forms of yoga, qigong and Pleiadian Healing I started to clear my energetic body and hold a lot of Light. I'm also born with intuitive- and healing gifts, and have seen beyond the veil since I was a child. Angels and deities naturally surround me and often my initiations happen directly over Spirit. I realised it doesn't matter where one finds enlightenment as this happens within. I've also learned that people often sense the healing in my field and simply ask me for sessions whenever they're ready for true change. My goal is my own liberation and I'm grateful to take people along on the way whenever I can.

What spiritual experiences do people usually have during a private session or healing circle?

Almost always people describe feeling a warm blanket enfolding them, a tingling feeling or seeing colours in a session. Occasionally people also start to perceive spirit guides working on their system, or ancestors coming forward as 'the veil' becomes more thin. Sometimes people also even hear music, reach stages of Samadhi or feel their Kundalini energy rise. It can happen that your view on reality therefor has changed to encompass a wider array or experiences and views. Any deep spiritual experiences or initiations are always properly integrated not to loose touch with the material world. Sometimes clients simply drift away into a light sleep. Often it also happens that emotions come up to be released.

Can I trust the healing happens in a safe space?

I work with upmost discretion and non-judgement and will receive anyone who comes with a pure intention. Since I view the human journey as simply an experience I tend not to judge, only to see a potential or a blockage.  Any private topic you wish help with we explore and transmute in a safe space. Whatever the reason, I deeply listen to what you need and then do my best to give this to you. 

Can I take a session remotely online?

Yes you can, the type of healing I work with goes beyond time and space, and works just as well online / remotely . I've frequently hosted remote private sessions with clients in Tulum, Amsterdam and Zürich.  

What should I keep in mind after a session?

As you might know it's good to take it easy right after the session to integrate the energetic changes. It might feel like not much has happened but in truth lots has shifted on the energetic level, the core of your being. Be kind and gentle and maybe take some time to rest.

How often is it recommended to repeat a healing session?

This differs from person to person, however most people choose to come back more than once. Some people can be completely recharged and healed within one session, others prefer to fast-track their process with ongoing support of guidance and healing.

In the end the aim is to be self-sustaining and achieve balance. However, healing energy is a wonderful tool and if you're very depleted in your energy, burned out, weighed down by life or in need of some extra support to break through sticky issues, more than one session is recommended. Also for maintenance of your energetic field it is wonderful to occasionally come for a 'touch up'.  

What is the cancellation policy 

Set appointment times are specially reserved for you and are binding. Please note cancellations must reach me 24 hours before the appointment. After that you will be charged 50% for the session. A no-show pays the full price. Thank you for your kind understanding.

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