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Module II: Keeping Healthy Boundaries

In the second module we'll deep dive into this subject and make sure we're kind but take not sh***.

Setting healthy boundaries is something we might have never learned. Being highly sensitive you might have a different sense of personal boundaries, or your boundaries have been crossed or stretched. What are boundaries exactly, how do they serve you and how do you set them? These are questions we will explore. 


We start with an introduction about the trait after which we dive deeper into exercises that train us how to handle our own sensitivity. 

Learning to navigate life in all environments I've become particularly skilled at ways how to handle high sensitivity in the daily market place of life. I'm familiar with fast paced work environments and high profile companies, as well as the spiritual realms. Through my own experiences I've come to appreciate, understand and honour my own high sensitivity. Acknowledging my sensitivity I moved to a quiet home, changed my diet, let go of unbalanced friendships and learned what makes me stay grounded, nourished, balanced and happy.


My goal is empowerment and self-acceptance of highly sensitive people around world. I've been a closet HSP for a long time ;-) however now I feel the time is right to step up and share a platform for all the high vibe fellow HSPs on the planet ♡

Are you highly sensitive? Take the test here.

💧MODULE 2 - What you’ll learn: 
/ Background on boundaries and how they are built / destroyed
/ Exercises to identify your current boundary health
/ Exercises to reestablish a new sense of healthy personal boundaries
/ Exercises to learn where you end and the rest of the world begins
/ Assertiveness; how to gracefully express your needs and emotions
/ How to become conscious of your unconscious beliefs that hold you back

/ You’re a people pleaser but don’t want to be anymore
/ You’re unsure about your sense of self 
/ You feel scattered and easily pulled out of your centre
/ You’re sensitive to stress and other people’s emotions easily 'suck you in'
/ People too easily walk over you
/ You're done feeling suppressed and/or victimized
/ You struggle setting boundaries, leaving people to easily surpass your needs or use you as an emotional dumpster
/ You experience low self-esteem
/ You’re looking for real, practical solutions

/ Intro circle
/ Theory
/ Exercises for new boundaries 
/ Q&A
- break - 
/ Guided meditation for clearing and reconnecting
/ Sharing + closing circle
/ Opportunity to stay for tea



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• Noises and sounds are amplified for me

• I pick up subtleties others might miss 

• I have an aversion to big groups 

• I have a good eye for beauty, perfection and harmony

• I deeply process information 

• I love what people call 'deep conversations' and am easily bored by small talk 

• I dislike eating processed foods, chemical products and touching synthetic fabrics

• I need alone time way more than others

• I become overwhelmed more quickly than others

Examples of my own high sensitivity include:

• I feel the energy of people, places and spaces

• I feel other people’s emotional state of being

​• I feel my chakras and kundalini flow

​• I feel the universal life force energy known as 'prana' or 'shakti'
• I feel the electromagnetic fields of phones, microwaves, power points and computers

• I feel the effects of cosmic changes, movements and alignments of the celestial bodies 

Since I'm also an EMPATH in addition to an HSP:

Since I'm also gifted with Extra Sensory Perception (ESP): 

• I sense spirits since I was a child (angels and earthbound spirits for instance)
• I know things without people telling me 
• I feel and see the historical imprints of places and spaces
• I remember past lives

• I can see what people call 'the dimensions' or 'other realms'
• I see flares of the past and the future (i.e. possible timelines)

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