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How to work with your Spirit Guides

Updated: Jan 29, 2023

To me it comes natural to work with my guides, and I've been doing so since years! However sometimes I forget I also had to learn this and develop my ways. In this article I'm sharing helpful parts of my knowledge about Spirit Guides that I found through personal experiences, giving healing sessions and studying spirituality and mysticism. Special thanks to my friends who helped me realise it's still an abstract topic for many.

First of all, what are spirit guides?

Spirit Guides are beings without a physical body that volunteer to support you during your life / incarnation on this Earth. They can be part of your ancestral lineage or have mastered similar lessons on their path and now hold the frequency of a solution in their field. Most of them will have had one or more lives here, so they understand what it means to be human and live on Earth. Some of them you agree to work with before being born, some you'll earn their support for a particular life lesson. Guides are free of religion, however some religions have institutionalised them (Christianity and the Christ / Master Sananda for example). Some of them can also be animal spirits that 'overlight' you with their essence and teachings. Connecting with them speeds up your spiritual evolution and keeps you on track with your soul mission. They can step forward and give transmissions (also known as shaktipat in the yogic traditions), and help you to hold more light by clearing an upgrading your energetic body. They will never judge you or make decisions for you as they honour the law of free will.

What spiritual guides are usually around you?

There can be many! Every member of every known pantheon is there and can choose to 'overlight' or guide you. You can also have animal guides that offer their qualities and wisdom, and beings from the angelic realms. Very common are your ancestors – many people are supported and watched over by loving grandparents or souls from their ancestral lineage that made an agreement with them upon incarnating / taking a body here on Earth.

Who are also wonderful to work with are the Ascended Masters. The Ascended Masters are a group of both male and female beings (mostly currently not in a body) that stepped down their energy and chose to experience (some) lives on Earth as their energy was needed here. Examples include Gautama Buddha, Master Sananda, Mary Magdalene, Lao Tsu, Saint Germain, Lady Nada, Serapis Bey, Buddha Quan Yin and many more. They are great to be 'overlighted' by as they will understand better what you're dealing with, as opposed to guides who have never been physically here. Some of the deities that are also wonderful to connect with are the 'Gods', such as Isis, Osiris, Goddess Athena, Goddess Kali, and Ganesha.

Angels and Archangels are also wonderful guides. They originate from the higher dimensions, embody a set of key aspects and are not bound by time and space.

Personally I also love to work with Mother Meera (aspect of the Goddess Durga and currently incarnated / in a body), as well as the Pleiadian Emissaries of the Light. Mother Meera is a supreme being and one of the few that can release deep karmic blockages, and the Pleiadians can teach wonderful lessons about living from the higher consciousness and how to connect to your energy body and Soul Self.

Of course, so many guides are there that I don't even know of, however you want a reading on who your guides are, you can book your session here. With your spiritual development and practice you attract attention from the higher realms and earn the guidance of the Light.

Your Soul Curriculum

As a Soul you take on a body to expand your Soul Curriculum. Many experiences on Earth are not possible in the spiritual realms (such as eating food for instance!) however you can have these on here. Yay! Before being born, you gather with your guides to set intentions for your earthly life and go over which lessons you're willing to learn, and which patterns to clear up (karma). Upon passing you will have a life review with your guides to evaluate how everything went down, and what you might need to come back for again.

Earthbound Spirits

Many people don't know how to die unfortunately (or die suddenly with a shock) and get stuck in between dimensions, just like we've seen in the movies. In reality, unlike the movies, it's nothing too scary: ghosts or earthbound spirits are often regular people that mainly simply don't realise they're actually no longer alive / in a body. You can gently remind them and help them to cross over. How to do this I cover in my workshop "How to Handle the Spiritual Realms". You can check my event page for upcoming dates or request a coaching session here.

So how do you work with Spirit Guides?

Your Spirit Team can work with you to show you the way, support you with uplifting feelings and guide you to make decisions in line with your soul's intentions and mission by sending you ideas, mental images (visions), thoughts, feelings, dreams and insights. This process is a part of what is known as 'Light Language'.

To connect with them, you can go into meditation and ask them for help and they can open doors for you and transmit helpful energy (energy = consciousness = the base of how you make decisions + take actions). You can also connect with them through reading about them, visualising their image or looking at their portrait. Another wonderful way is using your dream state to connect with their energy and qualities, or playing a mantra linked to them. A more advanced approach is a technique called 'chakra linking' where the guide transmits their energy into your system. Meditating on their presence helps you to use their energy as a reference frequency and 'download' or absorb it in your own energetic body so that you 'become' and embody this quality too.

What is 'Light Language'?

'Light Language' is the language of the higher spiritual realms (Higher Astral Planes). Information is transmitted by energy which can take the form of feelings, dreams, mental images, thoughts and even smells! Guides from the Light will always send you kind, positive messages and an uplifting, loving feelings. They can tailor the form of communication to what is best suited to what you understand the easiest. You can train to learn this and develop your skill, just as with any other language.

How do you recognise if a guide is from the Light?

Not all spirits are from the light. When a spirit is from the Light you recognise this by receiving a familiar feeling and a light, positive vibe. Guides from the Light will never scare you. If you get suddenly the creeps or you sense a lot of negativity and fear, this is a sign a spirit is not from the Light and you want to distance and protect yourself. There are techniques how to deal with lower vibrational type of spirits (Lower Astral Realms) which I teach in my workshop "How to Handle the Spiritual Realms". You can check my event page for upcoming dates or book a private session here.

Can you make requests to them?

Yes you can! Your spirit team is there to help, uplift and support you. You are not alone. It is up to you to live your life however there is wonderful support all around. If your request comes from a place of purity and genuine willingness to change and grow, and see where you are responsible for creating the situation, you can always ask what you'd like help with. Your request is made over the Heart and not the Ego (artificial construct of self).

Spirit operates from a place of unconditional love. This means that if they see you suffer and struggle, they will respect this as a part of your own chosen process of soul growth and they will not interfere. Technically they also cannot, due to the Law of Free Will. However when you ask them, a space is opening up for them to step into. They will however never take away your lessons as this won't help you, rather, they open doors so that you learn where you need to be on your issue / topic.

When you keep your eyes open, when you follow your intuition and move through your life in a mindful, conscious manner you will start to hear the whispers, feel the gut feelings, see synchronicities and receive information.

How to make requests in the best way I cover in my workshop "How to Handle the Spiritual Realms". You can check my event page for upcoming dates.

Should I worship my guides?

Worshipping is placing power outside yourself, which is a spiritual untruth. Many people worship out of a place of fear. Fear is lower vibrational and is opposite to trust and love. In truth you are sovereign and end-responsible, how difficult this sometimes can feel. Spirit Guides will allow you to go through the trip of worshipping with compassion, until you realise that there is no hierarchy and you are your own biggest saviour; they are merely there to support you with standing in your power, with your development, soul mission and growth. There is no need to find power outside of yourself. They will support you out of love, compassion and also: when you've earned their presence.

Out of love and devotion you can create an altar if you like (Bhakti Yoga), to connect with the energy of certain guides and send them your gratitude for their support. These are high vibrational actions and will establish a healthy relationship with the guides. As mentioned above, eating food is not an option when you don't have a body, and therefor many spirits and deities love to receive food! Throughout many traditions it is also common to leave food on the altar, as you'll see in Asia or when reading about the ancients and their devotional practices.

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Feel welcome to share the information on this site with others, although I do request that you include this website address, credit your source/page links and author.

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