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A Journey Through Consciousness: The Snake & You

Updated: Jul 23, 2023

The Christ Consciousness is a higher dimensional expression of you. It is a potential you hold inside of you you can bring to fruition. The Christ Consciousness embodies the quality of not only becoming immune to suffering by completely accepting it and therefor not reacting to it (Buddha), the stage of the Christ is realising the divine is in everything, also in the lower expressions which force those with capacity to reach enlightenment in this stage by tremendous pain. It's the process of the diamond if you will: coal under huge pressure turns into the rare gemstone. You are forced to surrender into acceptance of all that is.

Stage 1: Being afraid and hurt by the attacking snake. The snake's attacks are threatening and painful. You are shocked and scared by the attacks. Who is showing up in your life as your snake?

Stage 2: You start to fight back but for every head you chop off, there are 10 new ones sprouting up. Anger and frustration arises, yet you realise this doesn’t help so you are forced to rise to a new level of turning to your inner light, inner peace. You let go of interacting completely and you undergo the suffering while remaining in peace and focused on keeping your connection with the higher realms. This is realising the inner Buddha. Your guide is Maitreya. You stop fighting and give up the reaction to suffering and pain. Identification with the victim is dissolving. There is only interest in peace.

Stage 3: This happens when you rise one level deeper even. The Buddha is still and contains its energy centred inwards. The Christ is still, containing its energy inwards and at the same time expanding its energy outwards. There is so much light the cup is poring over. Waves of pure love roll out of your heart, embracing all that is. Your consciousness is rising above the fighting and the suffering. It sees you are one with the cause of suffering. You release any last resistance and surrender to a state of pure acceptance, you embrace the suffering in love. The outside source of suffering simply dissolves at this point in the vast amounts of light. You expand into a state of grace, freedom and love. All that remains is the state of I AM. You are pure, white ascension light encompassing all colours. You are the gu and the ru. You’ve reached unity consciousness – again, as this is where you have your origins. Duality has dissolved. You have reconnected with and become once more (one with) the Creator Consciousness.

Turning to the light within, the process of inner alchemy. Pain and extreme suffering forces ascension and reclaiming of power. The victim ego is willing to die.

Who is the snake

The snake is an expression of consciousness that lives close to the ground. The perspective is literally low / close to the ground, and only focused on survival, being threatened, protecting itself, simple desires and reproducing. The consciousness is not 'bad'. It simply is that. Unconscious, unaware, not knowing (or choosing not to know, choosing to express itself in this form) that there are other ways to live. Light is information. Darkness is simply the absence of light.

On the journey of evolution of consciousness, the consciousness starts to expand and become more aware, see more, perceive more, start to understand other perspectives and therefor grows and goes to a new height. More light is shining on us, and we become conscious, we become aware. We grow wings and start to soar above the drama. We can have a bigger perspective and include other perspectives in our own, without feeling threatened. We stop saying "this is good, that is bad". We simply say "it is".

What is the winged snake showing us? It is a symbol you see in many places, from ancient Egypt gracing the faces of the pharaohs, to the symbol of the caduceus, to astrology teachings. It is the awakened consciousness that healed, and found its way back to its origins. It is the consciousness that, in the journey through unconsciousness, realises it is both the bird and the snake, both the victim and the aggressor. It realises it is all. Therefor there is - in truth- no victim. There is just an experience. Some pleasant, some unpleasant, everything a lesson, a journey. In the end there is only One.

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