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Healing Circle

Our path is liberation, our goal is freedom ✨


The Healing Circle is a peaceful moment to clear away any tensions or stress that may have built up in our daily life, as healing is simply the process of letting go of what we no longer need.

In a world where much is rushed, exhaustion and stress is worn as a badge, volatile is the new normal and feeling vibrant and healthy are forgotten states for many, we bring back stillness, grace and peace from the place within. In this place, the heart space which exists in everyone, everything is whole and complete. Life is about Being instead of Doing, Connection instead of Disassociation and about what is Within instead of Without. It is living and knowing from the Heart-based Consciousness, your Soul or Higher Self, embodying this and expressing this through all the dimensions you exist in.​

Balance your being, relax, release, let go and unwind. Pain and stiffness have the chance to leave the body, giving you renewed energy & good vibes. Restore the feeling of being *you* again. Exercises include chakra clearing & balancing, gentle yoga, guided meditation and breath work. 


Energy and the Soul move on the rhythm of the clouds. By practising meditative movement in a slow, sweet and deep way you remember what you already know: that life is peaceful, abundant, something to relax into, and deeply cherish and enjoy.

Language is bi-lingual English + German.

Dates and events you can find in the event page here.


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