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Festival Yoga

Getting High On your Own Supply ✨

While strolling around at a festival and enjoying amazing sets and activities it's a beautiful addition to offer a round of meditative yoga. Everywhere people are looking for relaxation, connection and escaping busy daily lives. Festivals have become the perfect getaway experience. 


Energy and the Soul move on the rhythm of the clouds. By practising meditative movement in a slow, sweet and deep way you remember what you already know: that life is peaceful, abundant, something to relax into, and deeply cherish and enjoy

Bookings available upon request. Previous clients include Sacred Ground Festival

/ Language in the sessions is bi-lingual German + English.

/ A trial session or a meet & great is also possible upon request.

Reach out to me for sessions via the contact form below


The practice of Sweet Energy Yoga has many benefits.

It will help you:

• deeply relax

• center yourself in peace

• connect you to your intuition

• restore flow (Tao) in your life

• open up your body

• balance emotions & stress

• regenerate your chakras and auric field

• nourish your energy and release blockages


Results are:

• inner balance for a high vibe life

• clarity of mind & spirit

• pain and stiffness that leaves the body

• posture straightening

• renewed energy & good vibes

• feeling of being *you* again

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