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After Work Yoga & Meditation 

Evening Relaxations ✨


After Work Yoga is perfect for unwinding from a busy day at the office. Give yourself a peaceful moment to clear away any tensions or stress from the day. 

Many businesses – big and small – have already implemented mindfulness and employee wellness programs to support productivity and as a way to attract top talent.

Everywhere people are looking more and more for balance and restoring calmness in their lives.  Balance your being, relax, release, let go and unwind. Pain and stiffness have the chance to leave the body, giving you renewed energy & good vibes. Clarity of mind is yours again, helping you to see where you need to be. Restore the feeling of being *you* again.


Exercises include qigong, gentle yoga & deep stretches, guided meditation and breath work. 

/ Language in the sessions is bi-lingual German + English.

/ Sessions are available in sets or loose workshops.

Business inquiries via the contact form below.


The practice of Sweet Energy Yoga has many benefits.

It will help you:

• deeply relax

• center yourself in peace

• connect you to your intuition

• restore flow (Tao) in your life

• open up your body

• balance emotions & stress

• regenerate your chakras and auric field

• nourish your energy and release blockages


Results are:

• inner balance for a high vibe life

• clarity of mind & spirit

• pain and stiffness that leaves the body

• posture straightening

• renewed energy & good vibes

• feeling of being *you* again

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