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The Female Christ

Updated: Nov 24, 2022

The Female Christ

It’s not so much the arrival as it is the becoming. Her symbol is a white rose, carrying the frequency of Grace, Unconditional Love, Purity and encompassing all colours of being within one (white = rainbow / all rays / unity consciousness).

It is a quality, a state of being, embodied by a woman who has overcome great adversity and abuse, and has nevertheless managed to rise above this and obtained a state of deep love, peace and grace. She has let go of the victim role and has reconnected to her inner purity, softness and strength. She refuses to buy in to the myth of being powerless, polluted and weak. She has reconnected herself back to her inner divinity against all adversity and suffering.

The Christ Consciousness embodies the quality of not only becoming immune to suffering by completely accepting it and therefor not reacting to it (Buddha), the stage of the Christ is realising the divine is in everything – also in the lower expressions which force those with the capacity to reach enlightenment to this stage by huge pain. It's the process of the diamond if you will: coal under tremendous pressure turns into the rare gemstone. A process of inner alchemy.

So how do we get there? This is a complex, non-linear process. It's the process evolving from victim to survivor to creator. Change starts when the victim on a very deep level refuses to accept the abuse any longer. Here is an overview of my interpretation of the stages:

  1. The victim role has been lived to the outer limits of the experience. On the soul level the Victim refuses to accept any more abuse .There is no escape and the suffering becomes so great you start to turn to the light. With that you start to raise your vibration. And with that eventually the lower vibration cannot reach you anymore. On the human level you give up resistance to pain as you see that anything else (any thought or action) is keeping you stuck in duality.

  2. Healing and returning to self. Connecting to self and starting to feel who you are again. Realize you have a choice. A choice in consciousnesses. You connect back to self-love.

  3. Anger release, addressing abuse, holding perpetrators accountable, removing yourself from the abusive situation, freeing yourself, standing up, not keeping quiet but using your voice. Reclaiming power.

  4. The abuser can invite back. This is the fragile stage. You're losing interest in taking part in the dance however, as the only wish is to connect to peace. You stop reacting to any suffering (abusive lower energy will try and pull back into dance, is not willing to easily give up power, has less of a reason to stop). In this stage there is still blame from the victim towards the abuser.

  5. The desire to connect to the light / inner peace / self-love becomes bigger than the desire for suffering. You simply refuse to give the abuser any attention anymore. Using willpower and focus on the higher realms and inner light you step out of the dance and start to rise above it.

  6. Forgiveness of the oppressor. Only after release of anger and above steps, then forgiveness can happen. Forgiveness over the mind doesn’t work. Forgiveness happens on the emotional level, it’s the letting go of the emotional connection to the issue, giving back the energies, setting yourself completely free from connection to perpetrator. Emotional release. It’s saying "I let this go. I am wise through this experience. I’ve grown and learned and I see the abuser is also simply a victim of other abusers. I'm tired of engaging and I now choose to break this cycle".

  7. Turning to the light. Connecting to the light within. The inner power becomes very strong. The connection with suffering starts to fall away completely as the victim ego dies (Inner Buddha).

  8. You don’t reach for the light, you have become the light (Chrystal/Christ Consciousness). The creator paradigm begins. Freedom of suffering is attained. This is the state of grace and the inner light is very strong. There is a feeling of deep compassion, for yourself and others, and you are in awe of the unfolding of the process. You're completely rooted in peace and love for all that is. Deep gratitude arises, even towards perpetrator as they helped you ascend and reach this state. Without the pressure no diamond. You’ve come home.


Prophecies are a way to program the group consciousness and direct to a certain timeline. Coming from different sources there are quite some known prophecies about "The Second Coming", the "Rainbow Warriors" and the "Return of the Christ– or Crystal Consciousness". What can we say about this? All the above is true, depending how you interpret it. The Crystal Consciousness is the consciousness of the Rainbow Warrior, and the Second Coming is the second coming en masse. This is the difference with 2000 years ago, and above all: this time the Christ Energy of the new era is feminine. It is the feminine consciousness that has suffered the greatest adversity in the cycle and has now reached the limits and will therefor lead the way out of the built-up karma and suffering. The Divine Feminine is rising.

A note on the Masculine & Feminine Consciousness

The light is coming in. Shadows rise to the surface, this time to be held accountable. The anger is starting to be released towards the lower aspects of the masculine consciousness