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Getting high on your own supply

Updated: Nov 24, 2022

In a world of constant stimulation, much of our awareness ends up in our minds that tend to keep going and going. Let's take a moment to stand still and reconnect to our bodies, and through that our Higher Self. We choose to let go of the ego (control) and create an opening for ourselves to softly feel, deeply relax and nourish ourselves on a soul level. Through meditation we take a moment to tune inwards.

Meditation and mindfulness are gaining more and more momentum in our western world. Where previously it was just that crazy hippie or weird family member (let's say the 'too early adopters'), now it seems to be all around and it is becoming more and more socially accepted and celebrated. Backed by a growing body of scientific research the techniques are increasing momentum as the go-to solution for relaxation and regeneration. Something we much need in these times where many of us are mainly operating from the sympathetic nervous system – or a (low-grade) fight / flight / freeze mode.

The benefits of meditation are vast. It can help you to:

/ quiet the mind / relax and unwind / increase creativity / enable the highest levels of mental contribution / improve your emotional well-being

/ set healthy boundaries

/ stay connected with your intuition and personal needs

/ nourish your health

/ create sustainability

/ calm your body

/ reach altered, deep states of consciousness

/ tap into your potential

/ help you to be less reactive

/ stay centred

/ and so much more

Distraction v/s Connection

So what is this meditation magic? In what way does it contributes to our wellbeing – and how does it actually work?

In my experience there are truly many forms of meditation. When you choose to, everything can be meditative and you can bring awareness into every action. You move into a state what is known as 'the observer', a less invested and peaceful viewpoint of experiencing, as opposed to being more reactive and invested.

Everything nowadays is designed to take us away from ourselves, out of our body. If you stop and are still, you start to feel. Distraction is a way of suppressing and sustaining your disconnection. This is only satisfying and sustainable for so long, and at some point, maybe when life forces you, you decide to take a step back and towards taking responsibility. You learn to simply be present, to fully be here. You align your mind, spirit and body.