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Help, I see ghosts

Updated: Jul 23, 2023

Dedicated to all my past & future friends who had to deal with this on their own in the dark.

Since I was a child I've seen the dimensions, the spiritual world beyond the veil. I tried to ignore the 'see-through people' around me and everything else I felt and saw flying around. "It must be in my head" I thought, as no one else seemed to validate my experiences.

Years later when opening up about it, my mother confirmed that already as a small child I saw people where there were none, and so many kids actually do. Yet it is uncommon to speak about it and a lot of shame surrounds the topic. My mother also recommended me to maybe try medication. I told her "mom, as much as I wish there is no pill for this stuff...".

For a moment consider the concept that everything has consciousness, everything is spirited, and that there is a part of you that remains 'aware' after you `drop the body`, a part that carries the story of your soul journey beyond just one life, and can choose to take on a solid form, a home, a body, a physical suit in the third dimensional, material world. In this world we all pretend to be human and wear the same suit, however we definitely do not have the same spiritual contents. When on a mushroom trip in Amsterdam my friends (high without me) started to see this too, and they were amazed at everyone's appearance. One person looked like an amoeba, the other very funny, and I looked like a crystal angel, and they wouldn't stop touching my hair.

"For a moment, consider the concept that everything is consciousness, and that there is a part of you that remains 'aware' after you drop the body"

For many years I tried to suppress and ignore the spiritual realms, however this wasn't going very well for me (the city center of Amsterdam is a busy place). In the night, the energy is more yin. The veil is thinner and the spiritual world can materialise more easily. Spirits found me and tried to catch my attention, assuming that if they saw me I also saw them. Some would wake me up at night, sometimes gently and sometimes with an attack. They could latch onto my field, creating changes in my mood, dreams and energy levels I didn't even realise were coming from outside of me.

Often the earthbound spirits were stuck in the past, just like the movies, and didn't even realise they were no longer physically alive. They would speak to me and, one time half asleep, I was chatting back and immediately woke myself up. "Who was I even talking to?!" and then again "It must be in my head". I realised I had to start taking responsibility after I reached crisis point due to too many difficult encounters. All this wouldn't go away, even if I ignored it really, really hard. I had to learn how to handle this. Just like an ostrich you can stick your head in the ground, however your butt can still be bitten by the lion! Better start moving your butt.

"Often the earthbound spirits were stuck in the past, just like the movies, and didn't even realise they were no longer physically alive. "

Over the years I luckily started to find the tools, sometimes even in my dream state, but also in books, via teachers and of course via good old Google (you'd be surprised what amazing and valid info you can find). The internet as well as the inner net gave me the pieces of the puzzle. I have had many lessons since, beautiful and also unpleasant encounters that showed me where I still had blockages, poor boundaries and carried fear.

Now that I accepted the existence of the spiritual realms it amazes me how much is out there outside of the visible spectrum, and how much it can influence people's behaviours and moods, and how much we, at least in the West, do not acknowledge that all of this is there. How everything exists everywhere all the time simultaneously, so casually and so rich.

Aura hygiene, grounding practices and other spiritual practices are a must for sensitive people, not to mention to bring protection around your house. Being in undisrupted nature does wonders as well as there you have usually clear, healing astral realms. With all the wars and history going on, the cities especially have very polluted astral realms. Mushroom medicine and other plant medicines can open up your auric field so you start seeing the dimensions and you become more sensitive to reading energy. Therefore, taking plant medicine recreationally in a city can be a difficult experience.

I also realised many people usually only see the lower astral realms and cannot perceive the deities, the devas, the elementals, the Ascended Masters, the unicorns and the angels (to name a few). They only see the angry earthbound spirits, the demons, entities and the dark guides.

Facing the spiritual realms made me less afraid in the dark. Everything serves a purpose and carries a lesson. Most of the time everything only wants to be heard, everything is seeking healing. If you stand firm in love and compassion with clear intentions what you're available for, plus know the tools, you can peacefully sleep, knowing you are safe and protected. Plus, you can learn how to help stuck souls to the other side so peace can be restored.

"Facing the spiritual realms made me less afraid in the dark. Everything serves a purpose and carries a lesson."

I hope that bit by bit it becomes more normal for us in the West to accept that there is more than meets the eye. That we can accept our intuitive sides and reconnect to the spiritual realms that are all around us as part of existence, just like in the 'undeveloped' third world countries, so we are no longer afraid in the dark. So that it is normal to speak about these things so it can receive the healing and be laid to rest. As my friend and teacher Gülschen Artun says: "everything is spirited". Everything is alive and has a consciousness. To marvel at this creation that is life...

If you have experiences such as mine, remember you are not crazy. Clearly feeling a presence is not in your head. If you ask yourself if it feels light and it doesn't, this is not imagined. These experiences are very real and can have very real impact on your wellbeing. Start trusting your intuition, your inner knowing. Affirm daily that "only that which is of the highest light is allowed to come near me". Know that I am with you and sending you my support, wherever you are. Especially to all the children.

Spiritual problems need spiritual solutions. If you enjoyed this article and like to know more, have a look at my event page or book a private session. I can support with understanding extrasensory experiences, give tools for protection and give healing to people that have lost loved ones and like to reconnect to find closure.

Love & starlight, Selianthe

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