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Are you an empath? 41 signs you have the rare trait

Updated: Nov 24, 2022

Empaths make up a small number of people in society and are born with a different nervous system and brain responses. The innate trait allows us to register more information, smell more deeply, hear stronger, have strong intuitive abilities, and even pick up other people's emotions and life force energy also known as 'prana' or 'chi'. Empaths belong to the group of highly sensitive people (HSPs) however differ in the way they can also register prana and other people's emotion – and sometimes, depending on your type of empath, even physical pain. This means all empaths are HSPs, however not necessarily the other way around. As we process more and more deeply, highly sensitive souls reach the threshold of the maximum amount of stressors and stimuli more quickly (they are "prone to sensory overload" as Dr. Judith Orloff describes it), and therefor need certain life adjustments and good personal boundaries to function and lead a happy fulfilled life. In my workshops and private sessions I share proven strategies on how to keep yourself balanced, nourished and in harmony.

Luckily awareness and research are increasing about the trait, which supports those of us who are born this way to understand better who we are and how we function. It helps us and our environment to appreciate and respect the trait.

So are you an empath? Here are 41 signs you might be:

1. You recharge when being alone

2. You love to surround yourself with the presence of nature

3. People describe you as soft, kind, loving, open, forgiving, deep and compassionate

4. You feel other people's emotions exactly like your own (being around people means feeling all the feels all the time and it can be hard to distinguish what belongs to you)

5. You might even feel other people's physical pains

6. You are more sensitive to sound, smell, tastes and light

7. You have a good eye for beauty, quality, colours and design

8. You tend to get more quickly overwhelmed than others

9. You struggle to set boundaries

10. Crowds are very difficult to be in (from standing in line, to clubs, to big offices)

11. People always come to you to ask you for help, advice and support

12. Harmony and peace in relationships are very important to you

13. You are self-inquiring

14. You have a supreme intuition

15. You have a deep connection to the universe, you have spiritual experiences

16. You're sensitive to stress & pressure

17. You're sensitive to antiques, second hand clothing, crystals and objects (positive or negative you feel the energies attached to the objects)

18. You have a love for deep and meaningful conversations

19. Small talk is exhausting and difficult

20. You easily pick up people's hidden motives, dreams and desires