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Sa., 02. Feb.


Berlin, Mitte

The Empath Special

Do you feel other people's emotions and/or pain just like your own? Do you struggle with your high sensitivity? Do you take on energies from others? You're warmly invited to join me in this workshop so you can understand what it really means to be an empath and how to navigate your special trait.

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The Empath Special
The Empath Special

Time & Location

02. Feb. 2019, 15:00 – 17:00

Berlin, Mitte


About the Event


⊹ Understand what it means to be an empath ⊹

What does it mean to be an empath? The topic of being an empath is more and more trending. Empaths are rare, ultra-sensitive people who have the unique ability to feel the energy (chi/prana/life force, but also lower vibrational energy) of the universe. This can lead to beautiful experiences but also enough moments of confusion, overarousal and pain.

So how do we handle this gift? What do we need to do to thrive? How can we participate in society in a pleasant way? Come with me for a dive into the topic as together with likeminded souls we create a safe space for sharing, education and a short healing session. You’ll leave the evening feeling nourished, optimistic and understood.



• How to feel good when feeling everything else

• Helpful tools for clearing and grounding

• Clarity about your trait



• Intro round

• Info about the trait

• Tools

• Sharing

• Q&A

• Closing meditation

*We leave room for a Q&A and sharing, and a short grounding meditation.



• Exchange: 27,00 €

• Location: Berlin, Mitte. Exact location given to participants upon registration


Send a short application to

* Please note this class is designed for empaths only, if you like to come for a healing session you can do so with the regular healing circles.



You’re an empath if:

• Version 1) You feel other people’s emotions like your own (to the point you struggle to recognize a difference)

• Version 2) You feel other people’s physical pain like your own

• General:

• you get more easily overwhelmed than others

• you tend to take on other people’s energies

• you struggle with boundaries

• you’re sensitive to stress & pressure

• you’re sensitive to sound, smell & touch

• You have a big need to keep the peace / harmony / make people feel good

• You dislike being in large groups

• At times you have a big need to be alone to sustain yourself

• If you don’t get enough alone time you get very emotional and cranky

• Watching extreme or violent movies are difficult for you

• You feel your chakras and prana


• You want to feel better about your trait

• You want to learn to sustain yourself in a city or business

• You want to know how to handle yourself / your high sensitivity

• You want to understand experiences you can’t explain

• You want to feel understood

Looking forward to seeing you! ⭐️

With love,



About me:

For years I’ve been studying high sensitivity and how to handle this. I’m one of the forerunners with sustaining myself as an empath in high profile business environments. This life and many others, I have refused to remove myself from the central stage of life. I learned to claim my space as a soft soul. My teachings tell how to be in the world, yet not of the world, so we can thrive in all situations and take our place in the great, joyful dance of life.

Image source: Instagram, taken in Hawaii

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