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Being Highly Sensitive: Keeping Healthy Boundaries (Workshop)

You're warmly invited to join for a gathering of likeminded souls. What does it mean to be highly sensitive? How do you keep healthy boundaries? In a safe space we will explore learnings, plus our feelings and thoughts around this subject.
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Being Highly Sensitive: Keeping Healthy Boundaries (Workshop)

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25. Apr. 2021, 14:30 – 17:00
Google Meets Livestream

About the Event

Join the online workshop 'Keeping Healthy Boundaries' from the series 'Being Highly Sensitive'.


Are you a highly sensitive person (HSP)? Do you feel everything more deeply and struggle to set clear boundaries? What are boundaries exactly and why do you need them, especially as an HSP? In a safe space we will cover what it means to be highly sensitive and learn how to work with yourself and your boundaries, so you can start to live in harmony with your trait and avoid your moments of 'overarousal' and stress. We leave time for group sharing and go over a set of meditation techniques and helpful exercises so you can balance your being, feel refreshed, rested and reconnected with yourself and your place of inner peace.

D O E S   T H I S   S O U N D   L I K E   Y O U ?

If you're unsure if you're highly sensitive have a look at the below statements and see if you recognise yourself:

 – At times you feel a big need to be by yourself

 – You're sensitive to light, sound, touch and smell

 – You have a low threshold for stimulation

 – You need longer to unwind after a busy day

 – You're sensitive to people pleasing to protect harmony / keep the peace

 – You're sensitive to pressure and stress

 – You have an aversion to crowds

 – You easily notice subtleties

 – You have an eye for beauty and perfection

 – You get easily overwhelmed by too many options

 – Violent movies are unpleasant to watch

 – You recharge by being alone instead of around people

Are you highly sensitive? Take the test here.

F O R   W H O ? 

– You’re a people pleaser but don’t want to be anymore 

–  You’re unsure about your sense of self  

– You feel scattered and easily pulled out of your centre 

–  You’re sensitive to stress and other people’s emotions easily 'suck you in' 

–  People too easily walk over you 

–  You're done feeling suppressed and/or victimized 

–  You struggle setting boundaries, leaving people to easily surpass your needs or use you as an emotional dumpster 

–  You experience low self-esteem

–  You're an HSP or empath 


– Early Angel until 16.04: 35€

– Regular Admission: 40€

– When: Sunday 25.04. 14.30h – 17.00h (approx.)

– Where: Online over GOOGLE MEETS (access given upon payment & registration)

– Language: English (German upon request is possible) 

– Please note registration closes 1 hour before the start of the event

– Tickets are non-refundable, see terms & conditions

– Feel free to write me in case of any questions

A B O U T   M E

Based on longterm, personal experience and in-depth research I've developed a set of best practices, tools and insights for highly sensitive people to spread awareness, create a fast track and help handle this special trait. 

Learning to navigate life in all environments I've become particularly skilled at ways how to handle high sensitivity in the daily market place of life. I'm familiar with fast paced work environments and high profile companies. Through my own experiences I've come to appreciate, understand and honour my own high sensitivity. Acknowledging my sensitivity I moved to a quiet home, changed my diet, let go of unbalanced friendships and learned what makes me stay grounded, nourished, balanced and happy.

My goal is empowerment and self-acceptance of highly sensitive people around world. I've been a closet HSP for a long time ;-) however now I feel the time is right to step up and share a platform for all the high vibe fellow HSPs on the planet ♡

Looking much forward to connecting with you ♡

With love,


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C A N C E L A T I O N   P O L I C Y

With the purchase of the ticket your participation is binding. In the event of cancellation up to 2 weeks before the start of the event, the fee will be refunded. 50% of the fee must be paid 1 week before the event, 48-24 hours before the start of the healing circle 100%. The date of receipt of the cancellation notice by e-mail is decisive. You have the option of naming a replacement participant.

T E R M S   &   C O N D I T I O N S

This seminar includes processes of a meditative nature. The seminar is not intended as a therapeutic room of any kind; As a participant, you are responsible for yourself and your own well-being at all times. Participation and arrival and departure are at your own risk and responsibility. The instructor is not liable for damage of a psychological, physical or physical nature.

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