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Balance your Karma: Meditation with the Karmic Board

Journey into the light with me! Work with the Karmic Board to balance and release karma, right in time for the holidays.

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Balance your Karma: Meditation with the Karmic Board
Balance your Karma: Meditation with the Karmic Board

Time & Location

08. Dez. 2019, 15:00 – 17:30

Kreuzberg, Kreuzberg, Berlin, Germany


About the Event

Coming up: Meditation with the Karmic Board

Balance your karma before the holidays

Sunday 08.12 Berlin, Kreuzberg


Right before the holidays we have the beautiful opportunity to step into Sacred Space to hold ourselves in the Light and balance our karma. Through guided meditation and breahtwork we journey inwards. Breathe, relax and let go. Under guidance we’ll work on personal karma as well as the Collective Karma.

What is karma? 

Karma is the balance of every action ever taken. Every thought, word or deed creates karma and a reaction. It is very difficult not to create karma. If your personal karma is finished (which can even result from other lifetimes), you move onto family karma - collective karma - planetary karma and finally the karma of our solar system. Patterns such as greed, victimhood, jealousy, hatred and arrogance are being played out in this part of our Universe right now. At this point the avatars are working heavily to free us.

Who are the Karmic Board? 

The Karmic Board consists of a group of beings / Lightworkers that are currently not in a body / incarnated. Some have walked the earth, others have never and have been lovingly overlighting us from above for decades.

Some beings on the board are: Lady Nada, Lady Portia, the Divine Director and the goddesses Quan Yin and Athena. They all carry different qualities which allows different kind of personal support. They can extend their hand in grace, weigh our actions and decide to allow karmic dispensation if we have sufficiently learned our lessons.

W H A T   H A P P E N S

I will bring you in a deep state of stillness and quiet awareness, the state that is closely connected to your soul or higher self and the higher dimensions of the spiritual realms. From this place it is easy to see everything clearly and let go of any suffering you wish to release. Everything happens in love and ease. You gain insights and a deep feeling of peace and the compassion from all that is. 

When blockages have been removed, you find your life suddenly running smoother. See if you notice a difference. For instance, suddenly certain behavioral and mental patterns are gone and it’s easier to stay away from destructive tendencies. Energetic blockages exist on the emotional and mental planes and can even have physical ties. 

F O R   W H O  

The workshop is perfect for you if you  like to deepen your spiritual practice, or to give yourself a moment for self-reflection and rest. The level of your spiritual practice doesn't matter, what only matters is your willingness to release and transform. The workshop is especially beneficial for people that are soft and gentle and tend to overstretch their resources. And lastly, because of course you're tired of karma drama!

W H Y   J O I  N 

Before the holidays in the last month of the year it’s the perfect moment to sit in silence and to reflect. Hold yourself in the beautiful light of awareness and see what blockages may be removed and let go of. We’ll work together with the Karmic Board for support so everything may be let go of in grace. We have no need to suffer. 

You'll have the opportunity to: 

• Learn to understand how karma works and how to free yourself from it 

• Heal wounds along he lines of time

• Release karmic blockages 

• Break damaging patterns

• Release old, stuck emotions

• Balance family relationships

• Balance work relationships

• Release limiting beliefs 

P R O G R A M :

• Intro

• Sharing circle

• Theory

• Q&A

- Break - 

• Clearing through gentle meditative yoga & breath work

• Guided meditation & healing

• Return to Earth / your body

• Outro

I N F O :

• Theme: Clearing, Balancing & Refreshing

• Investment: 45€ early angel until 27.11. Regular price: 50€

• Tea and nibbles will be available for you

• Level: All Levels 

• Location: Berlin, Kreuzberg - exact location follows upon registration 

• Language: German / English

• Time: Arrival at 14:45h, we start at 15:00h

• Bring a blanket and warm socks for extra cosiness 

• Facilitator: Selianthe Ka 

• For ladies & gents, suitable for pregnant mamas to be

🌿 I have 5 places available for an intimate gathering.

Looking much forward ♡

With much love and star dust,


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