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Tools for High Vibe Living


Sacred Ray Rituals

Raise your vibration and discover nourishing rituals for self-care, to connect within and to deepen your spiritual practice.

Ideal for new and full moon moments.

(PDF download)


HSP Habit Trackers

Habits built lives! Discover these wonderful tools to support you with implementing healthy habits for successful, high vibe living.

(PDF download)

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Essential Budget Tracker

Practical, earthly things like money management are sometimes tricky for soft souls. This is a first step in taking charge of your money flow. Energy is money and you need to direct it, so take charge of it now and download this essential tool to make an easy and effective start.

(Excel download)

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Life Evaluation

Consciously create the life you dream of! This download, one of my personal favourites, consists of 4 beautiful pages to help you evaluate where you are, where you come from and where you want to go.

Ideal for cross roads and new or full moon moments. 

(PDF download)


Divine Truths:

Healing Affirmations 

Positive affirmations speak divine truths and reprogram the subconscious. They are the nourishment to seeds of possible realities. Our beliefs start to change, and as a result the way we experience life. View all categories here.
(PDF download)

Coming Soon

Free Guided Meditation

Find a wonderful sweet evening meditation here for free. Perfect to doze off with and cleanse yourself from the day.

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