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Living Your Spirituality

Updated: Nov 24, 2022

The goal is to reclaim spirituality as a normal and natural part of our lives. We cannot deny our spiritual self – as much as we try this simply doesn’t work since you're denying a part of YOU! There is a big need to reconnect, but how to integrate this?

Spirituality has been lost and found, used and abused throughout the ages in many ways. At times overly mystified, even feared or misinterpreted.

For me, spirituality is simply the practice of reconnecting with your spirit self and the spiritual realms, the magical unseen world that surrounds us and can be found within as well.

You can cultivate this wonderful connection by tuning inside and placing your attention inwards, for which the technique of meditation is much used. You quiet the mind and focus on the softer voice of your inner knowing and the heart.

I’m born highly sensitive with the additional capacity to perceive the spiritual realms (having extra sensory perception I see, feel and hear Spirit). It’s an important yet equally normal part of my life, although from experience I know more present than for most people.

One does not need to disconnect from the world to live this sacredness, this spirituality.

My goal in this life is to be a living example of someone who is aware and connected, someone who redefines what it means to be spiritual while living a contemporary lifestyle. One does not need to disconnect from the world to live this sacredness, this spirituality.

We can make the decision to participate in the middle of the daily market place of Life. To bring your energy there, that's where it's also most needed! As that’s how the systems eventually get influenced and perhaps change (back to their natural state of being).

To connect and balance the two worlds that are furthest from each other is the most challenging, but is also the biggest victory: balancing the mundane and the magical, the material and the unseen, modern day business and the ancient practices of spirituality.

Spirit says: "Every era we bring the same message, it never changed."

Being refined and sensitive (a butterfly not a beetle, a rose not a cactus) comes with the necessary challenges. However you can nevertheless choose to have a job in the business world (or any other) as part of your spiritual practice and growth. It can teach you a lot and might give you more to embrace it rather than to reject it. As they say “one becomes free through your humanity, not in spite of it”. One does not need to sit on a mountain to become enlightened to be connected with the divine. This is the old paradigm and is not necessary anymore.

In truth you are a blank slate and can take on any identity you want, it doesn’t matter.

Although bracelets and 'holy looking outfits' are a beautiful trip, they can be just that: a trip. I realized that for me, outside symbols and constructs are again another move of the ego to craft a certain identity. A longing for confirmation, to be seen in a certain way. (Let's also not judge this longing.)

In truth you are a blank slate and can take on any identity you want, it doesn’t matter. If you’re nothing, you’re everything and you can choose any identity you like. How brilliant! It doesn’t matter. What matters is how it contributes to your life.

My goal is to live my life as an integrated person in society with spiritual habits on the side as a regular part of life. After all, this way we are whole.

It’s our path to freedom.

What are your thoughts? Do you agree or disagree?

With love,


✦ ✦ ✦

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