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Master Meditations

Finding Peace Is Mastery 


Every now and then when the stars align and the moment feels right, I offer a Master Meditation to deepen our practice.


Master Meditations are usually purely a guided meditation. They are sessions intended for a more advanced audience to serve as a deep-dive into the sweet mysteries of the Universe and our inner selves. We open ourselves up to the Spirits of the Light and the Universal Consciousness.

Themes include The Abundance, Karmic Dispensation by the Grace of the Light, Violet Flame work, Golden Flame of Atlantis, The Higher Mahatma Energy, Twin Flames Reunion, Archangel Healing and more. 

Sweet Energy Yoga focuses on supporting the energetic - or subtle body. Since all roots in energy - as both major religions as well as science agrees upon - it's very effective to work on this level. Our energetic body contains our life force, emotions, beliefs, hopes, fears, dreams and memories - even from past lives.

By balancing your energy field you balance your world, as you start from the core.

We can no longer afford to be disconnected from our spiritual selves. Disassociation is no longer working and karmic returns happen faster than ever. Since 2012 we have entered an energetic shift lifting more of the veil and dissolving duality. While slowly entering Unity Consciousness we become aware we are not separate from other people but function as a whole. A part of this includes so called 'ascension symptoms' and increased sensitivity / empathy. Those with a more refined nervous system are anchoring these new and higher energies through their system and body. They are the way showers and evolutionary forerunners. 

The Master Meditations are by application. If you sense a ‘yes’, don’t hesitate and send me an email + explain shortly your intention to join. 

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