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Berlin, Germany 

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Read the feedback of people who went before you ✨



Grace, British lady in Amsterdam

"Selianthe has a magnificent way with people. Speaking the most pure, innocent parts of yourself you’d long hidden or forgotten about - she guides you on a journey to realising your true nature through her healing sessions. Holding space for you to explore current issues, recover from old trauma and look to the future re-newed an spiritually refreshed, Selianthe’s approach is gentle, welcoming and loving. Would highly recommend Selianthe’s healing and yoga sessions for anyone that may benefit from them! Thanks for all the love and guidance you beautiful soul :) "

Mirjam, German lady in Berlin
“I really enjoyed the meditation. Even before we started I could feel how much heart and soul Selianthe had put into creating, guiding and hosting the journey. It was a very safe space to dive deep, let go, purge the old and receive deep insights and gifts. Really the experience itself was so multidimensional that it would be hard to put in words. I really enjoyed the beautiful sense of connection in the group, that made it very easy to feel ‘at home’ and share the journey. The loving space Selianthe created that continued beyond the meditation into the sharing round afterwards enabled me to deepen and integrate the experiences. I left feeling re-centred and reconnected. Thank you again.” 


Niki, Philippine boy in Berlin​

"I didn't know what reconnecting meant but after meeting Selianthe and attending her classes at the beautiful Zentrum fur Alexandertechniek I discovered the wonderful benefits of Energy Yoga. Her sessions have reawakened my true self and helped me to be in touch with higher beings and helped me be aware of other dimensions. This made my last few weeks in Berlin more meaningful, I was extra grateful with everything and for the first time that I recall I was truly happy and at peace. I'd like to thank Selianthe and everyone in Sweet ’N Deep Energy Yoga for changing my life. Namaste!" 


Theresa, German girl in Amsterdam
"Zuallererst möchte ich ein großes DANKESCHOEN an Selianthe geben! Die Meditation mir ihr war ein unglaublich bereicherndes, multidimensionales und, für mich persönlich, sehr intimes Erlebnis. Schon bevor wir die eigentliche Session gestartet haben, konnte man fühlen wie viel Herzblut und Achtsamkeit Selianthe investiert hatte um einen sicheren und urteilsfreien Raum zu schaffen. Unsere Session liegt jetzt schon mehrere Monate zurück, in vielen Momenten denke ich daran zurück und kann jedes Mal aufs Neue etwas daraus schöpfen. Vielen Lieben Dank nochmal Selianthe - würde mich sehr freuen noch einmal teilzunehmen und kann es jedem nur sehr empfehlen :) Alles Liebe xxx Theresa"


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The practice of Sweet Energy Yoga has many benefits.

It will help you:

• deeply relax

• center yourself in peace

• connect you to your intuition

• restore flow (Tao) in your life

• open up your body

• balance emotions & stress

• regenerate your chakras and auric field

• nourish your energy and release blockages


Results are:

• inner balance for a high vibe life

• clarity of mind & spirit

• pain and stiffness that leaves the body

• posture straightening

• renewed energy & good vibes

• feeling of being *you* again